Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Key Chain attachment - repurposed credit card/gift card

I saw this and it sounded easy and fun.  So I got a junk mail card, Mod Podge and other supplies together.  Of course, living in Alabama, my Hounds tooth scrapbook paper came in handy.   I had the self adhesive letters and numbers in my scrapbook box.   You can use old gift cards, credit cards or debit cards.

I cut the card in half, rounded the sharp corners and sanded them to match the other side. 
Then traced the half card on the back of the Hounds Tooth paper and cut it out. 

Then Mod Podged the paper to both sides. [ Next time I will use one piece and fold it over and overlap on the back.] Punched a hole in top for key chain.  Then applied thin layer Modge Podge.   

 then the fun part...

Added peel and stick numbers for my extension on the back....
And added Jill's keys... just in cast they get misplaced. ... I then coated several layers of Modge Podge.

Final results- turned out really cute!!

My  new identification tag on my keys.  These ended up being longer than my keys, which is OK with me.  But it could be cut in half lengthwise to make it shorter and more compact. 

Will try and make some more when I have some time.  I would like some more heavy duty scissors to cut the cards with.  
: )

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